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CHEM 1011 Preparatory College Chemistry 1999 Fall

Lecture Schedule

  Content Date Quiz
1. Introduction to Chemistry Aug. 31  
2. Measurement in Chemistry Sep. 2-9  
  Metric units, Scientific notation.    
  Length, Volume, Mass.    
  Significant figures. Measurement errors.    
  Temperature, Volume, Mass units and measurement.   Sep. 14
3. Matter and Energy Sep. 16-21  
  States of matter, state transitions. Molecules in motion.    
  Physical and Chemical changes, Substances and mixtures.    
  Elements and Compounds    
  Energy, Conservation of Energy (Law)    
4. Atoms, Molecules, and Ions Sep. 23  
  Dalton’s atomic theory, Structure of atom.    
  Mendelev’s periodic table, Properties of elements.    
  Molecules and ions   Sep. 28
5. Chemical Formulas and Names Sep. 30  
  Ionic compounds. Naming of molecules and ions. Acids.    
6. Chemical Reactions   Oct. 5  
  Reactions, Chemical equations, Balancing equations    
  Types of chemical reactions   Oct. 7
7. Chemical Composition Oct. 14-19  
  Molecular weight, Mole, Avogadro number    
  Molar mass, Chemical analysis, Molecular formula    
8. Quantities in Chemical Reactions Oct. 21  
  Mole and mass calculations, Limiting reactants, Yield.   Oct. 27
9. Electron Structure of Atoms Oct.28-Nov.4  
  Energy levels and atomic orbitals    
  Bohr’s atomic theory    
  Orbitals, electron shells, quantum numbers    
  Orbital energy.    
  Electron configurations, Periodicity of electron configurations    
  and electron structures of atoms.    
  Periodic properties. Ionization energies. Metals. Nonmetals.   Nov. 9
10. Chemical Bonding Nov. 11  
  Ionic Bonds, Covalent bonds.    
  Molecular structure    
11. Gaseous State   Nov. 16  
  Gases, Pressure, Kinetic molecular theory.    
  Gas laws, Ideal gas law, partial pressures   Nov. 18
12. Liquids, Solids, and Attractions between molecules Nov. 23  
  States of matter. Evaporation, Melting    
  Liquid state, Solid state    
13. Solutions Nov. 25  
  Types of solutions, Solubility    
  Concentrations   Nov. 30
14. Reaction Rates and Chemical Equilibrium Dec. 2  
  Rate of reactions, Chemical equilibrium    
15. Acids and Bases Dec. 7  
  Theory of acids and bases, Relative strength, pH    
16. Oxidation, Reduction Dec. 9  
Final Exam     Dec. 16

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