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CHEM 1011 Preparatory College Chemistry 1999 Fall

Grading, Information

Calculator: You will need a calculator that must be able to perform the following functions: Scientific notation, Logarithms, Inverse & exponential functions, Square root
Course Objectives: You will acquire a proficiency in fundamental chemical concepts & terminology manipulation of chemical formulas & reaction sequences, and related math equations. The profound influence of chemistry in our lives and in nature will be illustrated.

Eight quizzes (100 points each),  final exam (optional) (800 points).

This course will be graded on an absolute scale out of 800 points. Your grade in the course will not be affected by the performance of other students and you need not compare yourself to the class average. At any time you can determine your likely grade by totaling your earned points and dividing by the total points possible at that date.
800 - 720 points 90-100% A
719 - 688 86-89.9% B+
687 - 624 78-85.9% B
623 - 576 72-77.9% C+
575 - 512 64-71.9% C
511 - 464 58-63.9% D+
463 - 400 50-57.9% D
<400 <50% F
Final exam is optional. You can take it if not satisfied with your grade. Multiple choice through all course material. Total grade will be a simple average of your course work grade and final exam grade.

Problem & Homework Assignments

Chemistry is a problems-oriented subject. You cannot just read the chapter as you would a chapter in a novel. You must slowly read the text and work out all the examples used by the authors to illustrate the concepts presented. Read pages 1-5 in the textbook for some good advice.

You should also attempt all exercises within the chapter and as many problems at chapter's end as possible. As a minimum the exercises and as many of the odd numbered problems should be done. These are problems for which answers can be found in the back of the text. You may see these (as they are written or slightly altered) on quizzes or exams. You may attempt more problems that are not assigned if your time and schedule permits. Specific assigned extra problems will be given out from time to time. You are on your own here to keep up with the lecture and homework. The more problems you do, the better you will understand the concepts.

If you have any problems concerning an area or homework problems, please stop by and see me. Bring your notes and problems notebook so that we can determine where the difficulty lies. If you have a problem stopping by, or if you keep missing me, feel free to e-mail me - I will try to answer you in a reasonable time frame, often that day or the next. If you cannot make my office hours, e-mail me and we can make up another time to meet.

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