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CHEM 1011 Preparatory College Chemistry 1999 Fall

General Information

OBJECTIVESPreparatory College Chemistry is a chemistry course designed for those students with no previous coursework in chemistry, or an inadequate background for college chemistry. This course prepares the student for college level chemistry courses required for nursing as well as science majors. It is not intended as a core course for non-science majors. The material covered is similar to that of the beginning of general chemistry, but is presented in expanded detail to allow students to get a better handle on the basic concepts and procedure involved.


Dr. Yuri Kazakevich Room. 112, McNulty Hall 973/761-9042  kazakeyu@shu.edu
Office Hours: 2 pm - 4 pm  T,Th
11:30 - 12:45 Tu, Th, Science Amphitheatr
TEXT: D.D.Ebbing, R.A.D.Wentworth, Introductory Chemistry, 2nd Edition, 
Available at SHU Bookstore.  Plus handouts and reserve materials
GRADING: 8 Midterms 100%, Final Exam (optional) 50%,
NOMINAL GRADING SCALE: >90 A; 867-90 B+; 78-86 B; 72-78 C+;
64-72 C; 58-64 D+; 50-58 D+; <50 F

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