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LAB Reports

Lab Reports are due at the beginning of the formal lab period immediately following completion of an experiment. For example, if you need extra time and complete an experiment on March 27, the report is due on April 1. If the experiment was completed on March 25, it is due April 1. Lab reports must be typed, double spaced and be not more than 10 pages in length, all inclusive.

Lab Reports must include the following sections:

Title Experiment title, your name, your partner's Name(s), dates experiment was performed and date report submitted.
Introduction: Present the theory related to the experiment and state the purpose of the experiment.
Experimental: Describe the experimental procedure. Reference the lab text as appropriate.
Data and Observations: Include all data tables, observations, chromatograms and spectra. Present observations in paragraph form. DO NOT explain data and observations here - just state them.
Results and Discussion: Present any calculation results in tabular from and discuss them. In an appendix, show a sample calculation for each type of calculation that is performed. State and discuss the results in words. Discuss the observations and give reasons as to why they occurred. Discuss the data in terms of the theory you presented in the introduction. does the data support the theory? Why or why not? Discuss sources of error and how these affect the results. If literature values are available, how do your results compare? Based on error analysis, discuss the precision and accuracy of the measurements and how these could be improved.
Conclusions: In a brief paragraph, state the main points of the experiment.
Reference : Reference at least one article or text other than those directly connected with this course, either the instructors, textbook, or reserve materials.

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