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LAB  Guidelines

Due to the construction in McNulty, lab scheduling is tentative. Actual location of each lab session will be announced. 

LAB SCHEDULING The laboratory will operate on a semi-open lab policy. That is - lab work is possible at times other than and including the officially scheduled lab period. As you all have had 2+ years of training in Chemistry, it is expected that you can work safely with a minimum of supervision.

Mondays 3 pm - 5 pm

Laboratory will be open for inspection of equipment and instruments. Use this time to plan your procedure and be sure you understand the instrument operating instructions. There will be NO experimentation during this period.

Wednesdays 1 pm - 5 pm

Regular Lab Period.

You will be challenged to complete the experiments within a single lab period. Please be prepared to make liberal use of the additional lab time.


I Content Uniformity of Pharmaceuticals
II Calibration of Pipettes
III Calibration of Burets
IV Basic pH Measurements
Standardizing acids and bases
VI Analysis of unknowns using Acid-Base Titration
VII Acid-Base Titration Curves
VIII Determination of the Ka of an Acid-Base Indicator by UV
IX  Quantitative Determination of Caffeine by UV
X Determination of Water Hardness Using EDTA

Laboratories will be performed on a rotating schedule with the class divided into three groups. Three experiments will run concurrently each week.

It is unavoidable that the lecture and laboratory will not move at the same pace, nor cover subjects in the same order. It is therefore imperative that you act as a student and learn as much as you can about each experiment through reading BEFORE you come to the lab. Be sure to read the appropriate chapters in the lecture text and the lab description before performing an experiment an experiment.



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