ferrule - part of fitting.

fittings - pieces of plumbing used to connect the column to the instrument by high pressure seal.

See column hardware.

flow rate - volume of mobile phase per unit time passing through the column. usually reported as millilitres per minute.

See fluorescence detector.

fluorescence detector - a very sensitive and selective HPLC detector which monitor an analyte fluorescence. Usually equipped with two monochrometers at right angles to one another. The flow cell is illuminated at one face, and compounds which are excited by that light (can fluoresce) emit light at a different wavelength. This emitted light is measured via the second monochromator using a photomultiplier tube.

frit - the porous element at either end of a column that serves to contain the column packing. It is placed at the very ends of the column tubes or, more commonly, in the endfitting. Frits are made from stainless steel or other inert metal or plastic, such as porous PEEK or polypropylene.