Selected opinions on Basic HPLC textbook



The HPLC website is awesome, a great resource. I wonder do you have this available any place other than the web.

As a gc chromatographer who is making the switch to HPLC for employment reasons I have learned more in the last hour than weeks in the lab.  Thanks for this site. Do you sell this as a textbook? The java programming is excellent and I think this makes it even a better resource.  

10/19/2000 "Nadia Parkar" 

Dear Prof. Kazakevich.

I am pursuing my masters in biomedical enginnering and my research involves using HPLC techniques.I found your textbook to be very helpful in helping me understand the basic principles of HPLC .I would appreciate if you could send me the complete reference to your textbook.

I would like to buy the printed version of this textbook if it is available.I would like to know if you have a printed version.Thankyou,

Nadia Parkar


Dr. Kazakevich,

My name is John Merrick, and I am one of your mentees at Seton Hall.  I recently reviewed your online text on HPLC, and I was impressed with it. I am in the process of creating a web page of my own, and I would like to ask your permission if I may link your text on my web page. Thank you for your consideration.

John Merrick


Dear Prof. Kazakevich,

I read your book on liquid chromatography with great interest. I like the practical approach. But something goes wrong when I want to access the last two chapters (column selection and pH effect). I get a reference telling me to go to the new book. However, I am already on the site of the new book ( Can you please check this?

Yours, Jan Eijkel


Fan Zhang, Product Recovery, Immunex, 51 University ST., Seattle, WA 98101

Dear Dr. Kazakevich:

I am interested in your textbook of HPLC from your website. Can you please tell me the ordering information, ISB number, publisher, etc? Thank you very much.


Massoud Kaykhaii, Ferdowsi University, Asrar Street, University Avenue, Mashhad 91384,


Dear Professor Kazakevich,

I shall be very grateful if you wouls kindly send me a complimentary copy of your "BASIC LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHY" book. Thanking you in advance and kind regards,


Manuel Sánchez Polo., EULA Center, University of Concepción, P.O. Box: 160-C, Concepción, Chile.

Dear Dr. Kazakevich.

My name is Manuel Sanchez and I am a spanish post graduate student in Environmental Sciences in Chile. Through your web page, I knew about your work in HPLC analytical methodologies. I write to ask you, if it is posible that you can send me information about determination of anions with HPLC-UV. I would be very grateful that you could send me the information as soon as to be posible.

Thank for your time.


Safee U. Chaudhri, Ph.D., IGI Inc., Vinealnd, NJ 08361

Dear Dr. Kazakevich,

I saw your book about HPLC. It is a great source of basic information. Please tell me how can I go to remaining chapters. I could only see through the Ist chapter. Thanks.

Zacharenia Loukou  1/5/2000

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Chemistry Department
Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry
54 006 Thessaloniki Greece

Dear Prof. Kazakevich,

My name is Zacharenia Loukou and I am a post graduate student at the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece. I am in the process of writing my thesis and I found your book on the Internet, it was a really big help for me since it is very comprehensive and right to the point. I would appreciate it if you could mail to me the title of your book and editor and the ISBN entry so that we could buy it and have it at our Universities Library.

Plzikova Alena        1/10/2000

I find a literature about HPLC. I will pleasured to read Your a new version of the book of HPLC at Internet.

State health institute
Banska Bystrica
Slovak Republic

Dr D.A. Phipps        (         7/1/98

I thought you might like like to know that I found your chromatography resource to be
just what i've been looking for. I teach a course on analytical methods to second year
undergraduate biochemists. I will tell them to look at your material as a most useful
resource. I hope you will continue to keep it open.

Petra Mayr <> on 07/06/98

I think your web-sites are very interesting and helpful. Now we have
a new , our first,HPLC-system and we thank everybody for experiences.

Scott Dewell <> on 07/11/98

I wanted to thank you for a fine introduction to HPLC
( I was wondering if you knew of
any other resources that dealt with HPLC, specifiaclly DNA separation. Do
not feel at all obliged to answer this. Thank you for your time.

Shannon Qualie <> on 07/28/98

We weren't planning on using your site as a
textbook, but it is definitely a great resource on the web.
(There was a request for the mirror copy).

Berenyl Vilmos on 6/3/98

I have read your book about HPLC and I enjoyed very much because that is easy-to-understand and all the pictures are very impressive. Thank you.

Shane Ridge 5/27/98

I am chemist/chromatographer in the San Francisco, CA area, and I have been reading much of the web site you have posted on HPLC.
I am also teaching a night class on HPLC at a community college here in the Bay Area and would like permission to usq what you have written as a discussion guide for this class. Essentially, this is a class of beginners with little background in chemistry and no exposure to HPLC. I would like to spend a couple of lectures talking about this technique, it's theory and applications. Your book would make a nice structure for these students during our discussion.
Please let me know if you object or have other feelings about this. I will be sure to credit you as the source of information, and in fact, have already directed the students your website.

Jaime Rojas   5/6/98

Dear Dr. Kazakevich,
I am pharmacist and work at the National University of Bogota , Colombia, S.A.Faculty of Sciences, Pharmacy Departement. I Bee your web page about HPLC. I find your document very interesting for those wich work this technique, like me. I am professor for about 28 years and I ask you if I can use your text for my course (Instrumental Methods of Analysis). Thank you in advance.

Rachel Ta-Shma   3/5/98

Dear Prof. Kazakevich.
I came across yours and Prof. McNair on line HPLC Book and enjoyed it a lot. AB I am instructing in this
subject this semester I would like to get your permission to print some of yours charts, graphs and pictures
to show and distribute to the students. Of course I'll mention and write where they were taken from. In
addition, could you allow us to mirror the HPLC book on our local sever? Reaching it through the Web is
awfully slowly from our University and practically impossible for the students.
Thanks a lot,

David Mccalley    1/6/98

I am at the University Of the West of England, in Bristol, England. We have about 120 students who would be likely to use the facility.
I must Bay again that I think the network Bites is of extremely high quality, and is much more useful than anything else that we have found on the internet. You mentioned a "book" in your last note. I would add that we are particularly interested in the computer assisted learning aspect of your work is a "Softbook" rather than a conventional paper text. Please could you advise us if this is available on discs- is so we could use the material on computers in the same way as the internet site but without having to use the internet. As I mentioned, the internet is quite slow in England.

Adam Barrilleaux 9/26/97

Excellent Document!! Thanks for the data.
Is this information in printed form or can I obtain a printed copy from you?