Chromatographic Science Series

Titles in the series Chromatographic Science, Marcel Dekker, New York:

Vols. 8,13,19: J. Cazes and X. Delamare (Eds), Liquid Chromatography of Polymers and Related Materials, I, II, III, 1977-1981.

Vol. 9 (3 parts): K. Tsuji and W. Morozowich (Eds), GLC and HPLC Determination of Therapeutic Agents, 1978-1979.

Vols. 10,12,18, 20: G. L. Hawk (Ed.), Biological/Biomedical Applications of Liquid Chromatography, I, II, III, IV, 1979-1982.

Vol. 16: M. P. Kautsky (Ed.), Steroid Analysis by HPLC: Recent Applications, 1981.

Vol. 23: T. M. Vickrey (Ed.), Liquid Chromatography Detectors, 1983.

Vol. 24: I. S. Lurie and J. D. Wittwer (Eds), High-Performance Liquid Chromatography in Forensic Chemistry, 1983.

Vol. 25: J. Janca (Ed.), Steric Exclusion Liquid Chromatography of Polymers, 1984.

Vol. 26: W. S. Hancock and J. T. Sparrow, HPLCAnalysis of Biological Compounds: A Laboratory Guide, 1984.

Vol. 28: P. R. Brown (Ed.), HPLC in Nucleic Acid Research: Methods and Applications, 1984.

Vol. 30: A. De Leenheer, W. E. Lambert and M. G. M. De Ruiter (Eds.), Modern Chromatographic Analysis of the Vitamins, 1985.

Vol. 31: M. T. W. Hearn (Ed.), lon-Pair Chromatography, Theory and Biological and Pharmaceutical Applications, 1985.

Vol. 32: S. H. Y. Wong (Ed.), Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Toxicology by Liquid Chromatography, 1986.

Vol. 33: P. Mohr and K. Pommerening, Affinity Chromatography: Practical and Theoretical Aspects, 1985.

Vol. 34: I. S. Krull (Ed.), Reaction Detection in Liquid Chromatography, 1986.

Vol. 37: J. G. Tarter, Ion Chromatography, 1987.

Vol. 47  K.K. Unger, Ed., Packings and Stationary Phases in Chromatographic Techniques, Marcel Dekker, 1990, 831 pp.
Packings and stationary phases in liquid chromatography are described in ten chapters dealing with specific techniques, including adsorbents, size exclusion, ion exchangers, affinity, ligand exchange, and ion-pair chromatography. Also includes several general chapters. Gas chromatography supports and phases and TLC are treated in single chapters of 150 and 80 pages, respectively.
K.M. Gooding, F.E. Reginer, Eds.,  HPLC of Biological Macromolecules: Methods and Applications, Marcel Dekker, 1990, 676 pp.
Twenty-four expertly written chapters review HPLC techniques for biomolecule analysis, focusing on the application of gradient HPLC for separating and isolating various protein classes. Contains references through 1988.