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There are several different ways to start selecting your column. The most common one is to call your known service rep. From the company you know for years (like Waters, this actually does not mean the Waters is the best). You ask him "Bill, listen for last several years I had been using m-Bondapack 250*4.6 it works fine on our SOP's written 25 years ago, but now we have new products. Do you think this will work also?"

Most probably he is going to tell you something like that: "It actually may, but why didn't you try our new product "Symmetry-ODS".

Finally you will end up having a bunch of 25 cm Symmetry columns. Without even considering their fit to your HPLC system.

There are more than 150 column manufacturers on North American HPLC column market. Each of them has more than 100 different column types. This makes the selection of the best column suitable for your particular analysis difficult. Main factors are still habit, friend's recommendation, sales rep. activity and so on.

In any case you have to estimate what you are really need.

First you have to estimate your available HPLC system and the future use of the method you develop.

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