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CHEM 6201 Survey of Analytical Chemistry Spring 1998


Yuri Kazakevich Room. 112, McNulty Hall 201/761-9042  kazakeyu@lanmail.shu.edu     Office Hours: 3 pm - 5 pm T, Th
8:30 - 9:30 PM T,  Corrigan Hall Room 62
6:30 - 8:00 PM Th,  Corrigan Hall Room 62
TEXT: Stroebel & Heineman, Chemical Instrumentation: A Systematic Approach, 3rd. Edition, J. Wiley & Sons.  Plus handouts and reserve materials
GRADING: 2 Midterms 30%, Final Exam 40%, 
NOMINAL GRADING SCALE: >91 A; 87-90.9 B+; 82-86.9 B; 78-81.9 C+;
72-77.9 C; 68-71.9 D+; 60-67.9 D+; <60 F

It is highly desirable that you have a reasonable understanding of the corresponding material from the book before the discussion. Assigned textbook specifically dedicated to the principles of analytical instrumental measurements and do not cover basic principles of each technique deep enough. You may use Skoog, Holler, Nieman, Principles of Instrumental Analysis as an additional material.

Your work in this course is expected to be your own, unless specifically stated otherwise. Specific instructions for use of outside sources will be given with each exam.


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