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CHEM 6201 Survey of Analytical Chemistry Spring 2003

Lecture Schedule

Jan 14, 16 Introduction and Electronic Signals, Digital Electronics 
Jan 21, 23 Signals and Noise, Sensitivity, Detection Limit 
Jan 28 - Feb 6 Introduction to Spectrometry 
Molecular Spectroscopy  
Feb 11, 13 Atomic Spectrometry, ICP, ICP/MS 
Feb 18 Mass Spectrometry 
MIDTERM 1  Take home assignments
Feb 20-27 Introduction to Chemical Separations, Chromatographic quantitation
Midterm exam due
Mar 4-6 Gas Chromatography 
Mar 18-20 GC Instrumentation, Injectors, Columns, Detectors
Mar 25-27 GC Theory, Head-Space, Thermal Desorption
Apr. 1- 3 MIDTERM 2 , HPLC Introduction
Apr 8 HPLC Instrumentation (Handouts and Reserve)
Apr 10-15 HPLC Theory, Method development
Apr 22-24 HPLC Reversed Phase, Normal Phase, IEX, GPC
Apr 29- May 1 LC/MS, CZE, CEC

Additional Analytical Chemistry materials on the Internet

Analytical Chemistry Springboard - best list of chemistry related resources.

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