1 Sep. 3  Course Structure. Introduction
2 Sep. 8 Classification. Separative transport and selectivity. (Presentation topics to select.)
3 Sep. 10 GC Introduction. Adsorption and Partition GC. Capillary Columns.
4 Sep. 15 GC Theory
5 Sep. 17 GC Theory and Instrumentation
6 Sep. 22 GC Detectors. GC-MS, Interfaces, ionization (EI, CI)
7 Sep. 24 GC/MS (Mass-spec interpretation)
8 Sep. 29 SFC (Theory, Instrumentation, Applications)
Purge&Trap, Thermal Desorption. (Presentation assignments).
9 Oct. 1 Head-Space analysis
Frank Grande "GC Head-Space"
Diego Alomonte "Chromatographic analysis of volatile sulfur compounds in wines using static head-space technique"
10 Oct. 6 Puar Tejinder "GC Separation of Fatty acids" Midterm exam.  (take home)
11 Oct. 8 HPLC Introduction
12 Oct. 13 HPLC Instrumentation. Adsorbents, surface chemistry, types of stationary phases
13 Oct. 15 HPLC Theory.
14 Oct. 20 Spencer Maria "Particle size separation"
Efficiency (Effect of particle size, shape, particle size distribution).
15 Oct. 22 Bobrow, Lauren   "Column packing for LC"
Rao Sabitha "Comparison between different stationary phases of RP HPLC"
16 Oct. 27 HPLC columns, Column selection, surface modification, column packing, column troubleshooting .
17 Oct. 29 Mellace Alfredo "Chiral separation using cellulose stationary phase in LC"
Yeung Leih-Shan "A systematic development of a method for sodium sufacetamide analysis."
18 Nov. 3 Galanti Michelle "Discussion of method development of vecuronium bromide assy transfer from NP to RP method"
Shelton Christipher (TBA)
19 Nov. 5 HPLC retention, pH and solvent effect
20 Nov.10 HPLC Detectors
21 Nov.12 Size Exclusion HPLC, Ion-exchange, Ion-pair
22 Nov.17 Student presentation (TBA)
23 Nov.19 Student presentation (TBA)
24 Nov.24 LC/MS (Interfaces, Ionization principles)
25 Nov.26 Thanksgiving Recess
26 Dec. 1 Quantitative analysis, internal & external standards, method detection limit.
27 Dec. 3 CZE, Capillary electrochromatography
28 Dec. 8 Other separation modes (FFF, Membrane, Extraction)
29 Dec.10 Course overview. Final exam preparation
30 Dec.15 Final Exam.


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