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Chemistry   6205

Presentations Spring 2007

You are asked to make one presentation to the class as critical evaluation of two or more original research papers on GC or HPLC. Each presentation 15 - 20 minutes plus 5 - 10 min for questions and discussion. Presentations will account 40% of your grade for the course.

1. Submit a proposed topic for each presentation before Jan. 22.

2. A schedule for presentations will be distributed on Jan. 29.

3. Please discuss your presentation briefly with me. If possible, I would appreciate a copy of any literature that you use in preparing your work. You need not copy articles for everyone, but some type of handouts (at least one page summary with list of references) would be appropriate.


Your presentation may be a simple review of a literature paper, or complex presentation of yours (or someone else’s) latest research. The main requirements are that the material be relevant to an advanced separations course and that you find and make it interesting. If you choose a research or literature presentation, make sure that you include a background material introducing everyone into the specific area. (This is a class and not a scientific conference).

Prepare some sort of visual aids (transparencies are best). Following your presentation we will critique not only the science, but your presentation also. That will help you to give better seminar.


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