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Chemistry   6205

Lecture Schedule Spring 2006

1 Jan. 12  Course Structure. Introduction. Classification. Separative transport and selectivity, GC
2 Jan. 19 Capillary Columns, Instrumentation, Sample introduction, GC Detectors. Adsorption and Partition in GC, GC Theory, Mass-transport theory
3 Jan. 26 GC-MS, Interfaces, ionization (EI, CI), Mass-spec interpretation, SFC (Theory, Instrumentation, Applications), Purge&Trap, Thermal Desorption, Head-Space
4 Feb. 2 HPLC Introduction, HPLC Instrumentation,   HPLC Detectors
5 Feb. 9 Adsorbents, surface chemistry, types of stationary phasesHPLC columns,
Column selection, surface modification, column packing, column troubleshooting
(Midterm take-home)
6 Feb. 16 HPLC Theory, Retention Mechanism, (Midterm due)
7 Feb. 23 pH and solvent effect, pH and pKa shift, Chaotropic effect 
8 Mar. 2 Size Exclusion HPLC, Ion-exchange, Ion-pair, CZE/CEC
9 Mar. 16 LC/MS (Interfaces, principles, Applications)
10 Mar. 23 CZE, CEC (electrodriven separations)
11 Mar. 30 Presentations I
12 Apr. 6 Presentations II
13 Apr. 20 Presentations III
14 Apr. 27 Wrap up (overview of the course) Take home final.
15 ? Final exam

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